Conway Roofing Services

When you need reliable roofing services in Faulkner County, Arkansas, look no further than Oliver’s Custom Roofing! We provide a wide variety of roofing services using high quality materials.

Let our roofing professionals help you with:

Roof Repairs

A small leak in your roof can become a bigger problem if left alone. We can help fix holes or leaks that happen over time as part of your home’s natural wear and tear from the elements.

Roof Replacement

Having a new set of shingles on your roof gives it new life and means it will continue to serve you well for years to come. Our tear-off services completely replace felt, shingles, pipe flashings, rotten wood and ventilations giving you great curb appeal and safety from the storms for years to come.

New construction

We can provide roof installations on new homes and structures in need of expert craftsmanship and reliable, professional service.


There may come a time where you need new shingles, such as wind damage from a recent storm, but can’t afford the cost of a tear-off. Our overlay system places new shingles on your roof over the top of existing ones, but we do so in a strategic way – by removing the old ridge cap shingles and cutting back the old edges and applying what is called the bump and run method. This allows for a clean and smooth look giving no indication of having another layer underneath.  We can give the customer the appearance of a new flat laying uniform roof for a fraction of the price.

Emergency Roofing Services

Hail, or wind damage, a collapsed tree on a roof, and general roof deterioration can mean acting quickly to avoid further damage to your home. Let our roofing experts step in to make quick work and ensure minimal disruption to your life as we make roof repairs following an emergency situation. Plus, we can work with insurance claims adjusters to verify storm damage so your claim is filed properly and you can be on your way to a new roof following the devastation a storm can bring.

Contact Us for a Roofing Estimate

We work on ALL types of roof systems:

  • Shingles:  3-tab, Laminate, Architectural, and Stone Coated Metal
  • Tile:  Slate and Clay
  • Flat Roofing:  Self-Adhered, Torch down, and Single-ply (PVC & TPO)
  • Wood:  Medium and Heavy Shakes
  • Metal:  Standing Seam, R-Panel and Low rib screw down

We offer free and speedy estimates on all types of roofing systems. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

We pledge to give you a fast, clean, cut-rate job every time. Let us at Oliver’s Custom Roofing take care of all of your roofing concerns by providing you with a roof of protection to guard your most important assets inside your home from the storms of life and give your house the best curb appeal possible!

For these services and others, contact Oliver’s Custom Roofing today to learn how we can help!

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Roofing Project


We pay close attention to all of our surroundings while on-site and will move all breakables out the way. We also protect all landscaping from harm during the duration of the job.

When removing an old roof, we make sure that all the underlayment comes off so we can do a complete inspection of the roof substrate for any rotten or damage wood.

We have several magnets that we use to sweep the driveways and critical areas several times to assure safety.

We use only the best quality products and installers to ensure supreme craftsmanship with streak free roofs and long warranty periods. It is safe to say that OCR will be a first-class experience that you will never forget.

*An Independent Roofing Company, not an Employee or Agent of Atlas Roofing Corporation.

*An Independent Custom Roofing, not an Employee or Agent of Atlas Roofing Corporation.